Application Security


Smart security thinking for your applications

Security where it matters most

ThinkSmart helps you secure the most vulnerable part of your information system infrastructure – your software applications. Insecure applications can undo the best attempts at securing an organisation at the physical and network layers. 

We work with your developers to review applications for security vulnerabilities, assist with secure design, educate your team about security and formalise your security efforts to ensure repeatable security results.


Engage us early on in your project and we'll help you design a software solution that is secure from the ground up.


We review your applications to identify security vulnerabilities and develop tailored strategies to address them.


In-depth developer training, providing practical, hands-on experience in risk detection and remediation.


Cost-effective one-day workshops for an application security shock treatment of your organisation.


We're seasoned security practitioners, with experience beyond appsec. We can give you a broad view of security.

Don’t just fix the bugs, fix the software
— Trail of Bits
It’s not SecDevOps, it’s just DevOps.
Security is a natural component of it.
— Julien Vehent