Application Security


Inside out application security assessments

Deep insights, tailored advice 

We work with your dev team, on the "inside", to openly and honestly review your system for security vulnerabilities. See us as part of your QA team, not an "outside" adversary like a penetration test auditor. Our recommendations are root cause-based rather than exploit-based.

As developers ourselves, we speak your language, can quickly get up to speed with your technology stack and start to give you valuable feedback from day one. 


We make sure we understand your system's business requirements first. Then we do a technical review to help you identify security vulnerabilities and develop strategies to address them. This way we prioritise the security controls that are best for your needs in both the business processes and the application code.

We work with your business analysts, architects, lead developers and other key players to ensure that we get a full understanding of your security posture. We complement our inspection/interview-style work with automated tools and proprietary techniques to ensure that we cover the system as fully as possible. 

Actionable product backlog tasks

We develop high-quality recommendations that are tailored to your technology stack, tools and development life cycle. We help you fix your software, not just the bugs. No boilerplate recommendations here!

We want to make sure that you can actually fix the flaws that are found, in a manner that creates a lasting solution that survives subsequent system updates. Our recommendations are product backlog-ready - no need for extensive analysis by your already overworked development team to figure out what to do about them.

DevOps friendly

Do you DevOps? We deliver our findings as we discover them, right into your issue tracking tool if you like, so that your team can start to address them right away.

No need to wait for a hard-to-digest pen test report that may be obsolete by the time it's delivered. See if you can match a recent client who had all issues fixed before our formal report was delivered!

We know mobile

We have extensive experience in designing and reviewing security solutions using the various channels and opportunities provided by mobile devices.

We've worked with banks and other high-value customers to devise user-friendly but still secure processes that make the most of mobile. 

Business process review

Many security flaws are found in business processes. Our manual review process is particularly good at discovering these flaws and finding innovative ways of addressing them. We also offer our process review as a stand-alone assessment service if required. 

Small, medium & large assessments

We offer three assessment packages that are tailored to applications of different size and complexity. You get an assessment suited to your system at a fixed cost so there are no surprises. Contact us to find out more.

We really like your approach
— European online clothing retailer and recent assessment client